Kearstin Nicholson is just fabulous. An absolute beauty and a wonderful gal.

Haha thank you for posting all of my #cosplay snippets!!!!

Boob jobs.

Now that I’ve got your attention;

When a woman gets (obvious) implants, it sucks that they can’t really “admit” it because it will effect their business, relationships or ruin the “allure attraction” [you] have for them as a #cosplayer, person or model. The world LOVES big titties, especially the nerd market community, even when they’re CLEARLY fake. But forbid actually being TOLD they’re fake! “EW GROSS! FUCK YOU! SLUT! WHORE! TRASH!” Smh.
I just wish women were able to be more publicly open about their implants so they can answer questions and give guidance to others considering it.
While being a porn star, cam girl, adult worker, nude or fetish model, etc are legitimate jobs and considered one of the highest grossing ones; they’re people, too. Proven to vastly help esteem, business or looks. Just sucks that “fanboys” think all implants on a woman mean they are [insert any belittling here].
There is nothing demeaning about breast implants. Are there shitty tit jobs? Of course. Are many of them on trash, porn stars? Yes. But it doesn’t mean all implants are shitty or are all on shitty people. Stereotyping tits is hilariously illogical.

If you’re a man (or woman), and you sit there and say “all implants are gross and fake feeling”, then you’ve been touching (if you are all) the wrong tits.

Happy #mercenaryday! (More like… week). Have some impromptu #borderlands #cosplay.


Mask and Buzzaxe by Steven K Smith Props

Photos by Mike Prost, editing by Kearstin.

This is just a shooting the shit for the hell of it cosplay.
Using Mike’s bandit costume pieces and just putting shit together because I said so :)