torimane18 asked
What kind of fetishes do you have? My friends and I had a conversation about them and I was the only girl to admit to being both a voyeur and exhibitionist. They acted like those where disgusting fetishes to have. I thought both where fairly common. Is it weird of me to get off on showing off and masturbating or watching people and masturbating?

I have a few. Nothing extreme to my own personal taste but I completely respect everybody who’s into different things. As long as nobody is getting hurt (maliciously) or doing something illegal. Otherwise, party on. Everybody needs to get their rocks off. It’s science.

Discovering what you like and what turns you on is all a part of the fun discovery game called sexuality.
Embrace it.

Know when it’s appropriate, as others may not be comfortable with it shoved down their throats, but never be ashamed of it.
A lot of people make money off of fetishes. It’s a big feeling of acceptance, but don’t ever think you NEED to be accepted just based on your turn-ons.

Mine are pretty simple and to the point. Male or female: Muscles (jacked dudes - fit ladies), business suit attire, tattoos, high heels (ladies only lol), recording the dirty act then watching it together right after… aaaaand Mike playing drums. Because the flair that man uses wets my shit.

Anonymous asked
are you a good kisser?

I’d like to think so! I used to have a tongue piercing and three lip rings (yes at the same time lol), so that made for interesting kissing. Even when it was to others who also had facial piercings lol

Now I’m only sucking face with Mike and it’s wonderful. Unless he hasn’t shaved in a bit. Then it’s just sandpaper for everybody. Maybe a chick friend here or there if I’m wasted. Because I’m that guy.

Anonymous asked
You rock, your cosplays rock, the fact that you embrace your sexuality rocks. I know you're kind of I don't give a shit what you think kind of person, but do you get flak from other cosplayers?

Thanks brotha! (or girl!)
Sometimes! Not nearly as much as I used to. At least not to my face anymore, lol. It used to bother me, but then I just realized what the politics turned into in the scene, and stiff armed it. Now, I think it’s just known enough that I’ve got the bold mouth and don’t suck everybody’s dick for likes. I just want to make shit, wear it, party and hangout. Making money is sweet, getting notoriety is sweet, and definitely working for GeekGoddess is sweet, but at the end of the day, I’m doing me for me.
Not everybody is going to like me, nor I them. You learn who you are compatible with. Just because “we all cosplay”, doesn’t mean we’ve all got to be “waifus”.


Such is life.

Shrek is love.

Anonymous asked
Do you have a cherished childhood teddy bear?

Not a teddy bear but a doll with purple yarn hair named Nicole. I called her Nikki growing up. Then I have a singing mermaid doll made for the tub. Also loved her.

Anonymous asked
Have you ever sleepwalked?

I used to yes! When I was younger! Sometimes I still talk in my sleep or see things that aren’t there. No where near as dangerous as sleepwalking anymore tho LOL



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Anonymous asked
When is your next GG set due out?

Not sure yet! We have many girls now so we have a schedule! :) I will post when tho!

Anonymous asked
Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?

Two days ago!

Anonymous asked
Do you have a fetish that you would like to employ in your relationship?

We do what I like already ;)

Anonymous asked
Describe yourself in haiku?

Aww man! This is hard!