montyhulu asked
What's your favourite, and least favourite thing about yourself?

Favorite: My eyes

Least favorite: My inability to stay strict in my diet LOL



Unnnffff are these out yet OMG I need theeeem aaaaaall #monsterhigh #dollchat


  Set of vintage female superhero pin-up art by Stephen Langmead

The characters include:

1963’s Wasp

1941’s Wonder Woman

1956’s Batwoman

 1965’s Crystal from Inhumans

1961’s Sue Storm

1964’s Scarlet Witch

Anonymous asked
What's your favorite kind of Hentai? Which one have you jerked off to the most?

Story of Little Monica.

Anonymous asked
But how do I do a cosplay?


become the character, consume it’s flesh, trick it’s family into thinking you are them, if their family is dead, kill your own, never forget to take protein bars and safety pins to a convention


You know you grew up in a very rural area when your brain plays the game:

Is that weed or is it a skunk?

Anonymous asked
Have you ever masturbated to anything others would find strange. Like a regular tv show, movie, anime, comic book anything that. I'm not talking about fan fiction or porn or hentai. But the normal but sexy stuff?

Nah I just find myself jerking to the usuals. Hentai, porn, Mike. That’s it. Nothing fancy!

Anonymous asked
Does being photographed in states of undressed add to your sex life with your partner afterwards? If you were my girl, I'd have to give you such a thorough fucking after you'd been modelling!

Actually! It’s added so much more spark! We weren’t have troubles in the first place but ever since I had Mike take over as my photographer and videographer for GG and smut work? THINGS GET HOT.